What are your odds?

Poker is a game of chance as well as psychology, skill and memory. That's what makes it so much fun. There are many ways to improve your game, one of which is learning and understanding odds. The EuroPoker.com team have compiled these in a handy chart. Get to know these odds and the odds on you winning will improve dramatically.

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Pre Flop Deal Odds

Hole Cards
Defined Pocket Pair, like Ace-Ace
220 to 1
Ace-King suited
331 to 1
Ace with less than Jack, suited
36 to 1
Ace with less than Jack, off-suit
11 to 1
Any Pair
16 to 1
Any two cards suited
3.25 to 1
Any two cards connected and suited
47 to 1
Any two cards connected and off-suit
15 to 1

Hold'em Draw Chart

Flop draw
A set with pocket pair
7.5 to 1
Any pair or more
2.1 to 1
2 or more suited cards with suited hand
7.5 to 1
Turn and River draw
Hit a flush with 4 suited on flop
1.86 to 1
Hit a full house or more with 2 pairs
5 to 1
2 pair or 3 of a kind with pair on flop
11 to 1