Poker etiquette

Maintaining a pleasant casino atmosphere

Like any good casino, is dedicated to creating a good atmosphere at the tables. The fact that play is conducted online is of no consequence. We understand that your comfort is vital and we have taken steps to ensure we live up to our high standards.

As a result, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be basic etiquette. We have done this to ensure every poker player understands what is expected of them in terms of acceptable behaviour. Violation of these rules can lead to account closure and banning of players who refuse to adhere to them. We encourage members to report incidents of abusive behaviour. Notoriously abusive players may have chat privileges removed without warning.

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Poker is a game for gentlemen and our basic etiquette rules have been put in place to ensure it remains so.

  • Chatting at the tables should only be conducted in English.
  • Hands must not be discussed while they are still in play.
  • Abusive or offensive language is not permitted.
  • Don't choose nicknames or profile names that could cause offence. reserves the right to censor these as we see fit.
  • Players you don't want to listen to can be muted. Do this by placing the mouse over the player's head you wish to silence then click. A message will then come up telling you the player has been muted. To remove muting, simply click on the player again.
  • If a player is taking their time it's perfectly OK to raise this with them as long as it's done in a friendly fashion. In many cases, lagging is not something the player controls however they may appreciate you bringing this to their attention. Often lagging players actually think the whole game is running slowly without realising delays are due to them.
  • Some players have tried to improve their play-money ranking by letting a partner raise to the maximum every round before giving the pot to the other player (i.e. their partner) before folding. We strongly advise against such behaviour, as it is extremely unfair to the other players on the top list who have reached that high level through skill and patience. Furthermore, such behaviour is easy to detect thanks to our table logging activity. Cheating or credit dumping are grounds for permanent banning.
  • Please don't create more than one player account per person. Every account but one will be blocked.