Find a style to suit your game

There are a million ways to play a hand of poker. How these are defined depends on many factors. In general it can be said that players can be subdivided into categories based on their approach to the game as well as their mindset. We've defined some of these here. Which categories do you fit into?

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Tight Or Loose?

Mr Tight plays less starting hands, preferring to wait for prime hand cards like pocket pairs. This means that on a bad day he can wait for hours – on the other hand, he doesn't lose much! Mr Loose is not as fussy. He sees opportunities where Mr Tight sees obstacles. This means he is always guaranteed to be right in the thick of the action. Beware! Being Mr Loose demands a bigger understanding of the game.

Passive Or Aggressive?

The passive poker player is careful and cautious. Every card is considered and handled like a newborn baby. Even a good hand doesn't raise his pulse. His approach makes him difficult to trap.

Analyst Or Chameleon?

As his name suggests, the analyst plays by numbers and has a book or an odds chart at his side as he plays. Believing that maths solves everything, he plays according to strict guidelines. Beware the chameleon! He is more worried about your actions than his own. Basing his strategy on that of the others at the table, he is a slippery opponent and one to watch.

Professional Or Laid Back?

Serious, thoughtful and dedicated to winning, the professional evaluates everything around him before acting. Although his approach is to be admired, treating every tournament like the WSOP final when all the other players just want to have fun can be tiresome. Mr Laid Back likes to kick back in his chair, untie his shoes and just soak up the surroundings and the buzz. Win or lose, he just shrugs his shoulders and lets a lazy little smile play on his lips.

Loudmouth Or Hibernator?

He'll talk and talk and talk – then he'll talk some more! His strategy involves attempting to break his opponents concentration by constantly breaking their train of thought by however means necessary. And what about the hibernator? No one really knows because they're so – quiet!? He plays and he loses or wins without uttering a word. And before you know it, he's gone.

By combining these you will be able to define just about every single player out there. And as soon as you got them figured out, you will have an edge knowing in advance how they are likely to react.