Who will you be?

Poker demands character – and we don't just mean putting on your poker face and playing the strong, silent type. Some players adopt very defined roles when it comes to poker. Check out some of these below and decide who you'll be at EuroPoker.com. We guarantee that as you become a regular at our tables, you'll meet all these guys at least once!

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Passive + tight + professional

This guy is by far the tightest player at any table. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that he's tighter than a Scotsman's wallet!! He barely plays any hands but he loves aces and kings and when he gets them, oh boy does he know how to use them! Reading the game with unblinking eye and playing with a steady hand, he takes few risks and knows when his aces have been cracked.


Carefree + loud + loose

Either this guy doesn't care or he hasn't got a clue. He's the type that deliberately walks under ladders, has a black cat and changes light bulbs standing in a bucket of water. He bets on every hand and raises even more while constantly asking questions like 'I have a four card flush. Is that good?' Every table needs a Mad Hatter!


Withdrawn + analytical + clinical

A weekend regular who'll tell everyone he's only 'playing for fun' whilst secretly gathering skills and tips. He hopes to make a little profit and on his night, this guy can be a force to be reckoned with. Don't underestimate him – but don't overestimate him either!


Studious + tight + considered + professional

Avoid this guy! His analytical mind never rests. He understands the cards, knows how to play them and does so with no mercy. This guy doesn't read books on poker – he writes them. We recommend you try to be him, not bluff him. OUCH!


Loose + passive

New players often find themselves playing this role, staying in pots as long as the remotest of chances to win remains. Odds and outs have no meaning to the Calling Station. As long as there's a chance they'll stay in the game. Often heard saying things like 'Might as well' – closely followed by 'Oh no – not again!'


Serious + analytical + tight

The expression 'poker face' was invented for this guy. He's biding his time, building up a big stack for the day he can join the big boys and the most profitable tournaments. Playing strictly by the book, he trains with attitude of an Olympic athlete. If he has a weak point, it's his inexperience – his rigid attitude means he risks some heavy defeats that can send him into some serious tilt fidgets.


Chameleon + aggressive + loudmouth

This chancer loves to make every other player tilt. Although on the surface he might appear to be related to Happy Harry, he can read your game like a ten-foot high flashing neon sign. Luring in other players with his seemingly idiotic raises and bluffs he subsequently reveals an absolutely dismal starting hand he knew would win all along just when other players are about to stack the pot. Dammit!


Loudmouth + loose + usually drunk

When this guy opens his mouth he could swallow anything!! Nothing escapes his wrath – opponents, cards, seat position, software, poker room and just about everything else. You know the type? If he wins, he's first to brag and puff his chest and if he loses he's first to throw his teddy bear out the pram……before buying in again for the maximum allowed limit. This guy is often filthy rich and not slow to let you know.


Chameleon + professional + hibernator

Like 007, this guy works undercover and is Licensed To Kill – your poker dreams that is! Happily bumbling along making pretend ill-informed comments and equally fake bad calls whilst all the time his snake-like eyes are missing nothing that's going on at the table. He makes sure he wins the really big pots whilst ensuring his cover remains intact. We know you're out there!