Half bet rule

A rule for placing bets, usually applicable in casinos, the half bet rule states that a player may place chips that are equal to or above half of the normal bet amount, in addition to the normal bet amount, when raising a pot. This form of action is the same as raising the entire bet amount and is considered as a commitment by the player to pay the entire amount later. Such a rule normally occurs in a fixed limit game where the raise amount has to be a certain minimum limit.

In a game of poker with a $10 fixed limit, a player may make a call by simply putting $10 into the pot. When a player decides to raise the pot, then s/he has to put in $20 to raise the pot. But using the half bet rule that is allowed in certain card rooms and casinos, a player may make a raise by adding a minimum of $15 to the pot. Anything between $15 and $19 amounts to a half bet and the player is expected to add in the amount at a later stage. This bet is considered to be a normal raise and other players calling, are expected to so in with the normal amount, i.e. $20.

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