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Learn online poker with our free poker school. In 5 minutes you'll be ready to play! Texas Hold'em isn't one of the greatest, most absorbing games on earth by accident! It's appeal lies in the fact that although it takes 5 minutes to understand, it takes a lifetime to master.

Euro Poker has created a handy ten-step guide, designed to provide you with all the information you need to enjoy the greatest game on earth, Texas Hold'em. Stay with us and we will give you poker tips and free poker lessons, in fact you'll get everything you need to conquer most poker tables!

Step 1 - Some ground rules

Step 1 - Some ground rules

Hold'em poker is played with a standard 52 card deck. The difference lies in the use of five community cards – by this we mean five cards that are dealt face up on the table and that all players share. Every poker player receives two cards from the dealer – these are known as hole or pocket cards and make up your starting hand.

Every round of poker starts with each player receiving their two hole cards. The winner is the player who, after several betting rounds, can use his hole cards together with the five community cards to create the best ranked five-card poker hand.

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